3 Benefits of Commercial Gutters

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Your commercial building shouldn’t be limited to the standard gutters of homes. There are a few factors that go into this, such as the size of your building, the local weather, and the material of your building. That being said, you can equip your building to be protected and function properly by installing commercial gutters. There are many benefits of commercial gutters, but let’s take a look at just three:

3 Benefits of Commercial Gutters

  • Size: Common sizes for residential gutters are five and six inches. Commercial gutters, on the other hand, can come in six, seven, and even eight inches. The increased size allows you to better protect the entirety of your building, which isn’t something a residential gutter system can do.
  • Protection: When you install new gutters to direct all that rainwater away from your building, you reduce the risk of damage that can come from the lack of properly functioning gutters. Some potential damage includes erosion, mold, flooding, structural damage, and more. You also can prevent wood decay with commercial gutters.
  • Durability: Since commercial gutters have to handle more, they have to be much more durable than residential ones. You can typically find commercial gutters to be made from aluminum or galvanized steel, both of which are extremely effective, strong, and long-lasting.

Once you have commercial gutters, there is also a level of work that needs to go into maintaining your gutters. Luckily, you can hire us here at Empire Gutters to get the job done. Give us a call today for more information!

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