3 Reasons to Consider Leaf Guards

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Equipping your home with high-quality, correctly installed rain gutters is very important for preventing water damage to your home, especially when you live in Florida, where we are no strangers to heavy storms. However, even the best quality gutters will need maintenance and cleaning and may have issues. There is a way to minimize this need, and that is with leaf guards.

3 Reasons to Consider Leaf Guards

  1. Leaf guards prevent buildup of debris – The main reason why gutters can begin to sag or malfunction is because they have become clogged with the buildup of leaves, dirt, twigs, and other debris. Leaf guards prevent this buildup from happening, which leads to fewer repairs and less time spent cleaning.
  2. Leaf guards block out animals and plants – Whether or not you love wildlife, you likely don’t want animals building a home in your gutters. Not only do leaf guards prevent the buildup of nesting materials, but they also keep out birds, small rodents, and bugs, and prevent plant growth, which can be damaging to your gutters.
  3. Leaf guards mean less risk – Cleaning rain gutters can be risky because you are working high above the ground and often balancing on a ladder. Leaf guards minimize the need for regular cleaning, which means less risk if you clean your gutters yourself, or less money if you hire the task out.
  4. Leaf guards increase the longevity of your gutters – Your gutters will last much longer if you provide them with the protection a leaf guard supplies.

When you’re ready to provide your gutters the best protection and save yourself time or expense maintaining your gutters, call us at Empire Gutters and ask about our leaf guards.

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