Four Reasons You Need Gutter Guards [infographic]

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If you have gutters and don’t have gutter guards, then you are missing out on a very key component of your gutters. Gutter guards help to protect your home and your gutters. They have many wonderful benefits that we feel make them a necessary part of having gutters. Our top four reasons we feel that everyone needs gutter guards are:

Four Reasons You Need Gutter Guards

1.  Improve Water Flow – Gutter guards help to prevent blockages in your gutters so that the water can flow properly and quickly through your gutters and to the ground.

2.  Stops Vermin and Insects – Vermin and insects will often find a home in gutters. They will create nests and burrows and will even use your gutters as a place to reproduce. Gutter guards will prevent this from happening as they will block vermin and insects from entering your gutters.

3.  Easy Cleaning – Gutters without gutter guards will eventually become clogged and need to be cleaned out. Even if you do hire a professional to clean your gutters it will still take time out of your day as well as money to have them cleaned. Gutter guards will help to prevent the need for gutter cleaning. Leaves, twigs, and debris can still accumulate on top of the gutter guards, but it is much easier to clean on top of the gutter guards than inside the gutters.

4.  Rust and corrosion prevention – Without gutter guards, your gutters can become clogged, and the water flow will be slowed. When this happens, you have an increased risk of corrosion and rust forming on your gutters.

Four Reasons You Need Gutter Guards

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