Gutter Guards: Why You Shouldn’t Sacrifice Quality For Savings

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While Florida is known as the “Sunshine State,” we also get a lot of rain. To keep up with all the moisture we get, your gutters need to be in tip-top shape. Part of proper gutter maintenance includes installing gutter guards to keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters, so they can keep up with heavy rainfall and protect your home like they’re supposed to.

Gutter Guards: Why You Shouldn’t Sacrifice Quality For Savings

You may think you can just clear the debris out of your gutters manually. However, using a flimsy step ladder to reach into and remove debris from clogged gutters can be dangerous. For example, you might be tempted to reach too far to avoid moving the ladder over a few feet and cause the ladder to tip over as a result. The good news is you can avoid the ladder completely by installing gutter guards.

In addition to keeping rain flowing smoothly off your roof, gutter guards protect your home by keeping water away from potential infiltration points. Most homeowners can’t see these points because construction methods hide them fairly well. Unfortunately, water can still get through your roof or soak into your foundation, especially if your gutters get clogged and rainwater pools in hidden places.

When protecting your home from Florida’s temperamental weather, you should only hire local gutter specialists who know how to keep water out of your home. Our professionals know how to install gutter guards to ensure they work properly. At Empire Gutters, we only know one way to do things–the right way, using quality materials that stand up to Florida’s severe but quick-moving storms. Contact us today to learn more about gutter guards.

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