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Rain Chains – Making Art Out of NatureMany people are unfamiliar with what a rain chain is but have probably seen one without understanding its purpose. A rain chain is a way to help channel water runoff away from the home as an alternative to a downspout. Rain chains originated in Japan and have become very popular across the USA. They are also a great way to make art out of nature.

While effectively helping water move away from the home, where it could cause damage to the foundation if it remains close, rain chains also create an artistic water feature that adds to your home’s aesthetic. Rain chains are a great way to lead water to rock gardens, fountains, flower beds, or even rain barrels.

Additionally, rain chains can have an appealing sound as the rain trickles down them. The sound often reminds people of a spa or the tinkle of a small bell, bringing a sense of relaxation and tranquility while being functional and beautiful. Compared to the rushing noise of a downspout, rain chains are gentle and enjoyable to listen to and watch. They are not as cumbersome nor as large as downspouts and are easier and less costly to install.

Rain chains also age well, and maintenance is quite simple. If the connection of the rain chain to the eaves spout is kept clear of debris, the rain chain will function properly. Most rain chains will darken with age, which is normal, but any build-up of dust and dirt can be easily removed by wiping the chain down with a wet cloth. Finally, when maintaining your rain chains, be sure to check for leaves or other objects stuck in the chains or cups. This will allow your rain chain to be beautiful and functional throughout the rainy season.

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