The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Gutters

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While gutters have the same general purpose regardless of where they’re placed, they don’t all look and function in the exact same way. Residential and commercial gutters vary in many ways, primarily because of the differences between the residential and commercial buildings themselves.

The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Gutters

One of the main differences between residential and commercial gutters is the size. Commercial gutters are typically larger than residential ones and are also usually boxier in comparison. This boxier shape holds more rainwater while also providing a professional and classic look.

A gutter’s placement is another key difference between the two gutter types. Residential gutters are usually placed along the roof’s edge with a downspout that redirects water away from the home. The roofs of commercial buildings are usually flat rather than slanted like many homes’ roofs, so commercial buildings typically have additional internal drains that work alongside their gutter system.

Legal codes and regulations play a big role in gutter systems. Commercial buildings have regulations they must follow that affect the size, shape, and other factors for commercial gutters. Commercial gutter systems must comply with these regulations and exist to ensure the safety of the people in the commercial spaces.

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