What are Leaf Guards?

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For all the benefits that rain gutters bring to homeowners, they still require regular care and maintenance. Many of us dread having a clogged gutter that requires serious cleaning to clear away piled-up mud, twigs, leaves, and debris. Not only does this consume time, but it can also be exhausting and even dangerous.

What are Leaf Guards?

If you frequently face such scenarios, leaf guards can offer you a more amenable solution. When properly installed along the open top of gutters, leaf guards help prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering your rain gutter along with rainwater.

There are many types of leaf guards, but the most common are foam, mesh, and surface tension guards. At Empire Gutters, we provide and install the mesh type due to their efficiency and affordability. Regardless, all types are useful in reducing the rate of clogging in your gutters.

By deflecting larger debris, leaf guards help reduce the frequency of clearing your rain gutters. Furthermore, they will help protect your gutters in the long run by preventing twigs and leaves from building up and weighing them down with time.

Overall, leaf guards are excellent gutter guard systems. Although you’ll still be required to clean your gutters once in a while, it won’t be as frequent. They are worth the investment, especially if you live in a leafy area.

If you are interested in learning more about leaf guards, reach out to us today. We offer a great selection of gutter guards for aluminum, copper, and galvalume gutters at affordable prices.

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