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How Do Rain Chains Work?Rain chains are an ornamental yet functional alternative to traditional downspouts. When installed, they help redirect water from your roof to the ground. Water movement along them creates an aesthetic appearance usually accompanied by a soothing sound. Rain chains originated in Japan, where they are known as kusari doi. This translates to “rain gutter”, a reference to their functional value.

Rain chains operate under two main scientific principles: surface tension and gravity. When it rains, water accumulates in the gutters and starts draining into the rain chain by gravity. The rainwater follows the path of least resistance, which involves running continuously along the chain and into the ground.

Most rain chain designs involve a series of interconnected metal cups or rings that are often decorated with intricate designs. As rainwater trickles down rain chains, they create a musical sound that varies depending on their design and the level of the downpour. Furthermore, you can determine the quality of sound based on the rain chain material you opt for.

Besides aesthetic quality, rain chains are useful in mitigating erosion around your home’s foundation. Since you can direct them to a specific area, rainwater from your gutters is also directed to that area. As a result, the water is less likely to cause damage to the surrounding soil. You can also direct your rain chains to your home garden or flowerbed and use the accompanying rainwater to water your plants, thus conserving water and money. Additionally, rain chains are pretty easy to install and maintain. They are mostly attached to gutters via a simple hook or bracket. This means you can easily remove them regularly for cleaning and maintenance.

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