3 Reasons to Install Gutter Guards [infographic]

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Although you may not think about it, your gutters play a vital role in protecting your home from the elements. Specifically, they direct rainwater away from your foundation to prevent problems like rot and mold. Our team here at Empire Gutters wants to help you take the best possible care of your home, and we recommend installing gutter guards in order to make that happen. In this article, we’ll go over three reasons why we encourage you to install gutter guards.

3 Reasons to Install Gutter Guards

  1. Damage Prevention- The first thing that we at Empire Gutters want you to know is that gutters can only provide full protection when they are free of debris. If your gutters become clogged with leaves, etc., they are more likely to overflow, which is likely to lead to the very damage that gutters are designed to prevent. With gutter guards, on the other hand, you won’t have to worry about this problem, as no debris will be able to accumulate in the channels.
  2. Improved Safety- Another reason to install gutter guards is because they virtually eliminate the need to clean your gutters. This not only frees up that time for you to spend on more enjoyable activities, but it also eliminates the safety risks that are associated with that chore, such as falling off a ladder or shocking yourself on exposed wires.
  3. Pest Control- Lastly, gutter guards will keep common pests from taking up residence inside your gutters. Our team at Empire Gutters has seen birds, rats, and even possums nesting in gutters, and we can tell you with confidence that taking steps to prevent this is always a wise move.

3 Reasons to Install Gutter Guards [infographic]

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